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 Alphadia Genesis 1.1.1 APK – Full Fledge RPG Experience

A new game is added in the gaming series of Alphadia, Alphadia Genesis is updated for android devices with addition of the English version. Game was previously not having English language support. Some of reported bugs are also removed in this updated version of the game.
A story based game which is boasting a rich multifaceted. Story of the game revolves around Fray. Fray is a member of the Ghalzabine Army and Archleign’s guild. As the game progresses and national conflict rises and come on the fore front. Little more work is now required relationship is too atmospheric the storm on the sky.
After the end of the Energi war, only 15 years passed in peace. The kingdom of both the countries are once again brought to the edge of war, it all happens after the killing by a clone. Rights and freedom of both are lobbied and bring to light.
There was treaty agreement between both the kingdoms that clone warfare will not be used, Killing of the person has rose tension between the countries and joint investigation team is made to find the one responsible for violation of this agreement.
Alphadia Genesis APK Features:
  • Scenes of the events are dramatic.
  • Intense 3D battle system is added in the game.
  • In the universe of the Lagoon, only three elements are energy flowing points. Fire, water and light.
  • Many other features.
Game is not having any advertisement.
 Alphadia Genesis 1.1.1 APK - Full Fledge RPG Experience

Download Alphadia Genesis 1.1.1 APK MOD Full (Patched)
 APK MOD Full (Patched) File

How to Install:
Instal apk, Open n Play!! Enjoy the game

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